Sharing a shower with Mom

a little and just sucked the tip while I rubbed the shaft. I must have done a good job, because suddenly the cock lunged forward and a glob of hot slimy sperm filled my mouth. I looked in panic at mom, but she told me to swallow it and keep sucking. I tried to swallow it, but before I could, the penis lurched again and another glob spat in my

8 Mile

SUV and took the cart. I stood there breathless and angry. He turned and looked at me. The look of surprise on his face was second only to mine. It was my Mustang man. ‘Are you shopping here too?’ he asked. ‘I hope you’re not using the money I gave you to buy liquor.’ ‘I don’t drink,’ I said. ‘Good for you,’ he said. I looked at the car. It

Night Trawling: The Crossdresser

legs in lurid invitation. "Maybe it is," I grunted, unbuckling my jeans, "but I want you wet and slick when I fuck you. I'm gonna go balls deep into that tight ass of yours. I want you to feel my cock right up to your throat."“Oh, my gosh," was all she managed as I licked her back entrance. I felt as much as heard her moan, and her ass responded

Boys will be Boy’s

I have a twin sister Christine and we are thirteen months younger than our brother Corey.About the time we were almost old enough to drive without any adults in the truck, Corey and us twins were really liking the new stuff we’re doing together. Playing around with each other doing special things to each other caused us to explore other options

Passion & Possession Ch. 01

for U/us later baby," You purr into my ear as he leaves.A waiter wearing some tiny skin tight shorts enters and pours U/us both some champagne...then the music starts as he too disappears. A curtain opens and You gasp at what comes out of it. The bald black stud is a work of muscular art. He's well over 230 lbs and rippling everywhere. The

Summertime in the country

up as an in home movie theater. "There are only two recliners but me and Cassy can share one." Said Rachel as she sat in her chair of choice. "I want to sit with uncle Rick tonight please mom I haven't seen him in so long." Cassy pleaded with puppy dog eyes. Rachel rolled her eyes. She knew this was coming Cassy loved her uncle so much and

Kayla Comes Home Ch. 02

enjoy this…, she scolded. ‘What do you have in mind…, he inquired? ‘That’s for me to know and you to find out…, she replied as her lip’s sought his. She kissed him softly. Tasting the slight, salinity of his lip’s. Slowly she straddled him allowing her lips to travel down his neck. Her palm’s molding themselves to the contours of his broad sun

Slater 01: Expiration, Examination, Visitation, Preperation

it’s kind in the county and it was a place she knew she would soon be. Brooke, who was only 19, was surprised when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour almost a year earlier. She didn’t feel any different, apart from the frequent headaches, she was still the adorable bubbly girl she had always been. It was her father’s idea to bring

The Slutty Bride 1

all the training miss Kate subjected me to. But my body said otherwise. My stiff nipples and wet pussy were signs of how much I enjoyed what they all did to me that night. It was a battle I was fighting with myself. I couldn't decide whether I was more in shock and pain, or was I enjoying my new lifestyle? I had been traumatized for a whole year,

Mountain Angel

on her throat and moved my dick back and forth,holding on to her head and fucking her face vigorously. What a unexpected treat this mountain trip turned out to be!While she tried her best to satisfy me orally, I had my hand in her slit, moving first one,then two fingers inside her shaven cunt.I really enjoy women who shave their crotch; it makes

The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 2 ©

Control. I needed it fully but not so much that I would sink into my seat. I practiced this a lot on my tree in the forest. The difference here, my tree was hardwood and the chair was leather. Good for me I got it right from the first try. I think because trees and leather chairs are both biological matter. “Am I permitted to engage you in

Breakfast Bid

catalogs and shopping in out of the way adult stores to find just the right playthings. Sometimes, we enjoy custom creating things for one another. This time though, he'd surprised me with the most beautiful brown suede blindfold decorated with lovely burnished paisleys and velvet inner trim. It was soft and delicate and I grew even more excited

Quid Pro Quo - Part 2: She Does Me

begins a slow, measured slide up and down the length of my prick. "Do you want Erin to make you cum?" she teases as her left hand gathers my balls into it's gentle cradle. "Do you want to shoot your sperm for me? Huh?"I groan in the affirmative, and her hand continues it's expert stroke. Not fast by any means. Each time her hand slides to the

College Boys on the Couch

I had practiced enough to become pretty good. He tasted like heaven. I felt a small sample of precum on my tongue and I wanted the main course. Connor saw what I could do and started to move his hips back and forth, throat-fucking me in perfect rhythm. While he took control with this, I moved my right hand to his ass. Hoping he wouldn’t overreact

Rekindling An Old Taboo Ch. 04

cadence up and down my shaft. Slowly at first, then building speed and wildness as she continued to lavish her oral attentions on me. Roz gets very committed to something once she begins, and it wasn’t long before I could feel my cock on the brink of exploding. The slurping noises that Roz was making along with her nimble hands caressing my nuts,

My Mom Samantha

couldn't milk any more out of my prick, to my disappointment. I stood over my mom stroking my cock hoping I had more in me but I didn't. Our eyes met as she looked up at me and looked down at her. She stayed in that position for a minute or two longer allowing me the joy of surveying all of my spunk all across her body, face and in her hair.

My Grandson, My owner

cock?He said: You told me I could have whatever I wanted, you said it's my day, if I name it I get it! I want a blowjob, fuck I need a blowjob watching this hot porn!I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my mind was racing, my palms were sweating, my own cock was hard as a rock. MyTo continue reading this story you must be a member. Join for

The Badlands Hike - Part 1

trail with anyone else this weekend. There was nothing I could do about it but try to stay ahead of them, so I turned and continued walking. By now, the buttes were starting to engulf me. The first few were merely outcroppings of brown rock that sprung from the grasslands in odd intervals. But after another mile of trekking, the buttes had grown

Glamour Shots, Chapter 11

reaction that all men instinctively use when anyone makes a sudden move toward their groin, but I’d been too slow. “Jeez, Marce!” I had a hunch I’d be saying that a lot! She just kept laughing, with Michael and then my loving wife soon joining her. Marci reached out and gave my now-rigid cock a quick squeeze. “Relax, boss, it’s all in fun! Come

MDMA leads to threesome

her ass whole the time and she was sucking aaron's dick. After licking her pussy I started fucking her in doggystyle position and she kept sucking his dick, we changed position now aaron and anjela were in missionary position, I sat on her and she gave me an amazing bOOb job. Aaron kept stroking and she holds my ass and pulled me more close, she

Lizzy's Adventure pt. 1

to help wiggle her sticky shorts off so that the entirity of her dripping pussy was rubbing against his crotch with his pants still on. He could feel his raging hard-on, and quickly pulled down his pants as she began to kiss his chest and then his lips. To no surprise his cock was enormous. As he entered her she let out a loud squeal which

Moving in

leave my friends. And at sixteen years old there was nothing worse than not seeing your besties everyday. My mom couldn’t contain her excitement about the move. Not only was she getting a new husband but her lifestyle was getting a huge upgrade. She was getting to trade-in our two-bedroom one bathroom shack for a four bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms

Bloodsport Fairytale

to get cold and the writhing body beneath me was getting sluggish. I immediately withdrew my fangs and jumped back, cursing my own stupidity while Courtney lay there shuddering through the last moments of what was probably a painfully intense orgasm. I had managed to stop just shy of killing her, but it had been close, too close, and I couldn’t

Jamaican Rendezvous

sunset. I smiled in anticipation of my lover’s arrival and walked into the surf, letting the water cool my toes. Soon he would be here, and the perfect holiday romance would be consummated. –*– My adventure began 3 days ago when I flew to Jamaica and arrived at the luxurious Royal Plantation resort in Ocho Rios. Despite my excitement I had

My Student Pat Ch. 02

did not know what to do. I have never saw a penis of that size before, and honestly, I haven't had any sex besides my vibrator for three years. I realized that I caused your erection when I remembered that I was wearing a short skirt -- and that you could see my underwear because I kept my legs open. That thought made me hotter and hotter during

Friends or Lovers Ch. 02

my hair. I could feel the heat from his body as he pressed into me. ‘I forgot you were here.’ I tried to sound casual but my voice trembled slightly. I felt the rumble of his chuckle on my back. He pressed his cheek into the side of my neck and inhaled. ‘You smell good.’ God help me, it felt so good to have his strong arms wrapped around me.

My Girls Night Out

me over for drinks and sitting in the hot tub.   I was looking forward to some good old fashioned girl time.   I grabbed my swimsuit and headed out the door. Emily was in the shower when I got to her house, and her daughter let me into the living room.   I sat on her couch and almost fell asleep as I was tired from having worked the last few


had encountered humans before, or they were quick learners. No sooner had my ass become accustomed to one of its tentacles, than another wormed its way into my pussy. I didnt know what to do with myself at this point. I was assaulted on all fronts by unimaginable ecstasy, but I just couldnt move. I thought I was stuck in this empty void of


on Saturday, just our fourth date, I decide to take her to the private lounge at our rugby club. After an hour or so of sitting at a table in a dim corner of the lounge, sipping cocktails, conversing earnestly, I pull Glenda close and coax her into twisting and bumping until she is straddling my lap with her hands on my shoulders. I corral her

No Limbo

Almost naked under white sheets. No disturbing clock: siesta so embedded that she would wake exactly at four. Market traders shuffling in the streets below. Car horns, bicycle bells, all bellowing last urgent attempts to get home for sleep.The last sense to leave her was smell. Strong coffee brewed for wakening. Lokuum, with its edge of hazelnut

Dick in the dirt

short skirt that just covered her butt and and a silky top with no bra she goes ok Im ready. Im thinking yeah baby but the adult in me kicked in and said its winter out youll freeze. She was like great now your telling me how to dress. I said no I love the way you look I was just thinking you may get cold. She walked right up to me and said I


still got to close your eyes and make a wish.’ She did and wished she could walk down the aisle at her graduation. She kept her eyes closed for a moment and when she opened them, he was gone. Startled, she wheeled her chair around and almost ran over a friend of hers. ‘Did you see him?’ she asked. ‘Where did he go?’ ‘Who, Karen? I didn’t see

Entering Sensia

only rate B string backup compared to the pretty, sweet, amenable, incredibly structured Sensia. Pretty funny,’ Logan smiled to himself, ‘I sit here mooning, puzzling, and perseverating over sweet Sensia – never again Jessi. Rave on Cosmic Cowboys,’ he laughed aloud. *************** ‘We sometimes just have to marvel at the way the story will take

Vampires 1

and lighty kissed me. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I melted into him and kissed him back. Our soft kissing turned into fervant searching tongues bent on devouring one another. He picked me up and carried me to the bed, still kissing me, and gently layed me down. He stopped kissing me and started removing his clothes. I just watched as

Mother in Law goes black

  my MIL dropped by rather unexpected.   She said she couldn’t stay but left me a DVD to watch and told me I would really enjoy it.   Not having anything to do I popped it in the player and got ready for whatever.   When it came on there   was my MIL alone in what was obliviously a motel room.   She was fully dressed but soon began to perform a

Sometimes It’s Just Not Worth It…

what she’d say. Of course, it was the drunken ramblings and rantings of someone who’d let emotions get out of hand. So I grit my teeth and walked back to the bedroom, grabbed her a pillow and blanket and told her to sleep it off in the hammock out the back under the shed. She stormed out, coldly. In the morning, well her morning, my mid

A Day In A Black Man’s Life

was into the same kind of movies I was, and liked having me around. Also, June seems to like the brothers. She wasn’t bitter and angry like a lot of sisters I ran into. Oh, and she liked to go Dutch in movies and restaurants. Half the time I paid, the rest of the time she paid. I was a bit surprised by that but I grew to appreciate her for it.

A gorgeous housewife is blackmailed

me again as he gently moves hishands over my mound. He inserts a finger between mypussy lips almost causing me to have an orgasm rightthere.He’s kissing me again. I suck on his tongue as I feelhis finger against my clit. I break off the kiss andback far enough away for his hand to slip out fromunder my thong. I step forward again taking hold of

Play Date

dildo. Mr. Cooper started pumping the dildo in and out really fast, pushing it all the way only to pull it almost completely out again. He pushed against my clit and I fought to control my orgasm. “Please, sir,” I asked, “may I cum?” “Not yet,” he said, “not yet.” I pressed my lips together to keep myself from screaming. My legs started to

Moving Violation

Whenever he saw the little green light indicating she was online, his heart started pounding pumping blood into all the wrong places. They would text often, and became intimate friends.The conversation often turned erotic, and when it did he would describe what he wanted to do to her body in great detail, and she would describe her response.

First Time Sex Stories #5: Sneaky Little Squirt

shifted position slightly so that he could poke it between my legs. My upper thighs were already coated with my juices, so it just slid right right between them. I closed them tight and let him slide it back and forth so that the top part rubbed against my clitty. Soon, we were humping away like little rabbits, swaying and nearly ready to topple

A Sailors Tale, Chapter One

an art, though the captain would like to glorify it and say “there’s magic in them boxes boys…haul ‘em up, get ‘em emptied and toss ‘em back to the sea…” he could hear it now as he walked from the not so modest house he called home when in port, he grumbled often over what he had become, though in truth he just couldn’t quite muster the energy or

The Gardener part III

fucked her arse. The little bitch had remembered and was now totally humiliating me and getting her own back. Right in front of her lover. Eventually, the pain subsided and I could feel her thrusting getting longer, faster and more deeper up my arse. I looked in the mirror and watched as my wife fucked my arse whilst Harry looked on. I saw

Lost And Caged: Chapter One

college of being a Doctor, I really didn’t have much to do with my life. I was an insanely smart young- adult, graduating High School at 16 years old and graduating from college at age 20. It wasn’t common to see such smart people around these days but in some instances, you do. I could easily make $100,000 a year with my degree but of course,

paris hiltons punishment

he picked up a mallet and a chisel. He placed the chisel onto the base of the dildo and swung, the first one moved the dildo up her anal canal another few inches and she screamed and she screamed. The second swing moved the dildo forward again but it jammed after a few inches, her screaming stopped and a slight gurgling came out of her mouth. “I

A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

and Mia Raines glanced at each other as they exited the large airplane and followed the crowd up a long hallway. Though neither of them had ever seen Wolf Carson, the man who would be waiting for them there, he had assured them that he’d seen both of their pictures and would be easily able to recognize them. As they neared the other end of the

The Mailroom

have a superior whisper something in her ear that would have him out on his ass faster than he could blink. But it doesn’t bother her, either. In fact, she welcomes it—revels in it, and will even get a little piqued when someone ignores her.       Her friend, Samantha, chalked it up to the nasty divorce she’d gone through two years ago, and that

Sensual Scenes: Patent Pumps

light pinch of leather squeezing them into their inhumane triangulation. I will not feel the gentle slide of fine nylon against its strangely arched footbed. I will not ease my heel in and slowly stroke the ankle strap as my flustered fingers seek to fix leather and metal into an unbreakable bond. I will not stand, uncertain like a new born calf

My Friend, the Photographer

I persisted about gay associations and sex — and it was some time after that time when I saw the porn — he broke out the photo album, put it on the table in front of us, and we sat there in his studio looking at them, and I got an obvious erection. Warren reached over and put his hand on my erect penis and just let his warm hand lay there. He

The Mechanic

and slightly apart with his hands he opens her legs even wider.Edward moans with pleasure as he opens her up he brings his tongue down on to her pussy and licks her lips the tip of his tongue just at the opening.She arches her back eagerly wanting his tongue to enter her he pulls back so that she can not have what she so desperately wants, she

Asian mom Jenny and her son Chris chapter 1 reuploaded

the tension. Seeing his face still bright red from stumbling over his own words, I moved in to give him a comforting hug and another kiss on the lips. “Mhm! I think I got a little bit of your cheese!” I said, with a beaming smile. Chris had no idea how to react and just awkwardly smiled as he stared at his own mother shamelessly flirting with

Mind Bending Ch. 01

cramped room lit naturally by closed white horizontal blinds, smelled of scented detergent. There were spigots behind the washing machine, which I closed, and the stream quickly subsided. The situation seemed, well... unlikely. Jennifer struck me as quiet, but intelligent, though I loosely based my opinion on the few sentences I spoke to her.

Painted Student

off her tee-shirt off of her shoulders. “…my tattoo.” She clutched the garment to her small, bra-less breasts and stood in the middle of my office looking straight at me, almost defiantly. I could see, what obviously the tail of the wyrm was, start at the hollow of her throat, before it passed around her neck and over her right shoulder. To see

Sins of the Flesh – Part 2

what I thought, He crooned. I felt something warm brush against my leg and I flinched. It took me a moment to realize that he had removed his shoe and was now caressing me with his foot. I didnt dare say another word all period. Later, as I shut the door to my locker and turned around, I came face to face with my handsome devil once again. Can I


still grown up never knowing the woman. Her father had died under the cloud of suspicion. And her? Her whole fucking life, almost thirty years, had been about solving this one case. Finding her mother’s killer. She knew all the psycho-babble about closure. Where was that closure? Even knowing all that she knew now…it still did not make sense. It

Hubby Drop To Thy Knees! Ch. 03

attention to their own butt-cheeks & the wave of submissive, masochistic sensuousness blew over the crowd especially the distaff part of the populace & they were longingly lookin' homewards, when they could retire to bed or over strong husbandly knees as the case would be to be spanked to powerful orgasmic Nirvana!!At length Her Majesty had mercy


her hair together I wrap it round my hand, pulled her head slightly back and slowly start kissing down her neck to her breast. I start nibbling at her nipples and caressing them with my tongue, after a few moments her nipples were hard and her breathing slowed. I spun her round again, taking both breasts in my hands before moving one hand down

The Secret Passenger Protocol

to acknowledge the people lined along the red carpet between Marine One and the stairs. She’s inside. I get so sick of hearing ‘Hail to the Chief’ when I need her so badly. I’m so glad that frigid wife of mine, FLOTUS, decided not to accompany me on this trip. The bitch took her damned time before she made her decision and made it a tougher op to


you eagerly take it in your mouth; pistoning your lips around me with frenetic, hungry strokes. Very quickly, I am hard. Stepping back, my cock slipping from your mouth, I take your hand and pull you gently up. I lean into you, my lips close to your ears so you can hear me over the steady thrum of the rain. "Let’s go out," I say huskily.We are

Island Fever 3: Matrimony - Chapter 06 (Story/Series Final Chapter)

slipped my cock between those amazing lips andthen went to work on it. I felt dizzy and light-headed asDevon soon focused on my other testicle, worshiping it withher own lips and tongue. I reached down and placed eitherhand on both of their faces at the same time. What Ireceived in return was two expressions of total love andaffection (not to

Forbbiden pet.

kitchen. The door bell rings You think to yourself, no one is expected to come over today. So you head over to the door and look through the peephole. Through it all you can see is long straight redish brown hair draping over the back of a woman wearing a black velvet coat reaching to about 2 feet off the ground. You open the door slowly with a

Nitu fucked by ladies tailor: Part 2

Unh! Aaaa! Aaaha! Ummmmh! With every stroke her body jerked forward and a grunt escaped her lips. Still keeping her in a strong, tight grip, he pulled his cock almost all out and then after a one-second pause, rammed the thick stick right into her tight little cunt, going all the way deep, to the hilt, in the same, smooth thrust. Aaaaaaaaahhh!

24: Kayla's Submission

mouth and across the table. Pavel tut-tutted. "Dirty girl. All over the table. I think you'll have to clean that up." He spoke as if to a child. Kayla, not daring to disobey her captor, leant forward and began lapping up her own spit. As she was about finished, Pavel stopped her."Don't swallow. Just swill it around in your mouth." Kayla did as

Dom Roomies Ch. 02

to her, "See it's still small, smaller than your tiny dick even, but not by much, we all have about the same size. But not for long, we'll get you stretched open soon."They really fucked me good, thighs slamming into my raw ass, each took multiple turns until they were all exhausted. I just kept my head down and tried to stay on all fours as they

The Devil's Pact Chapter 43: The Hidden Place

The City owns hundreds of buildings.” Jessica's caramel face shown with excitement. “Right!” April exclaimed. “And the government keeps records on everything!” “Let's send the Legion in and flush the bitch out!” Alison exclaimed. “She tried to kill Master.” Next to Alison, Desiree pounded her fist on the table. “Let's exterminate her entire

Broken Promises

and let them do what they would to her. Mr. Ellis was the first to break away from her. He moved back between her legs and she watched him stroke his cock head against her tender outer lips. It slipped in between them and came to rest against her tiny hole. She felt the pressure of it being pushed inside and at the same time, her father had come

Notice me not

tied around her waist now and Harry was running his hands over her buttocks through her thin skirt. It took a lot of effort to keep working on the Potion and ignore what he was doing. ‘Gods, that arse. I can’t wait to dig in… in fact, why wait?’ she could hear Harry say, then let out a small gasp as he pressed his lips against her covered cleft

He Was a Chicken Coming Out

He whimpered and begged for more as Rod pistoned into and out of the little ass hole. His ass got bigger as the huge cock forced it open and he began to get so damned hard. He had never been so hard in his life. Rod fucked him and fucked him and finally gave him the hose job he needed and begged for. His ass was filled again with male spunk and

Kitty's Adventure Ch. 02

Pulling it forward to a hook about a foot in front of her. her clit stretches and she jerks forward. Master gently but firmly pushes her back. pushing her head down Master leans farther into the cage and pulls her hand behind her back. Grabbing a set of cuffs Master binds her hands behind her back. Master backs out of the cage. Going first to one

Resistance is Futile

instantly. I move my left hand between my legs, my fingertips just touching my soft, wet skin. I moan softly and bring up images to mind: a man, pressing his thumb against me while preparing to penetrate me. No, that won’t do. My imagination gave him the face of my ex-boyfriend and that’s still a little too tender. Next image. My friend Amy,

A Girl Named Sue

Friday evening around seven, I arrived to pick her up. She had asked if I still had my old truck, so that’s what I drove. It’s a 1953 Chevy panel truck. I’ve completely restored it, along with hopping it up. It looks stock except for the wide tires and chrome rims, but you step on the gas and it will fly. It has late model reclining bucket seats

Breaking the ice.

for another five minutes.I put my right hand on his thigh and asked, "Have you been with a lot of girls, John?" "No," he replied, again dropping his head embarrassingly, "My friends make fun of me for it.""What do you mean?" I asked again."They brag to me all of the time about all of the girls they bang," he said, "They know it bothers

XXX Christmas

after the first of the year and ---”“The job, that's not the solution. Money, that's not the problem. What's the problem is not helping around the house. Helping with Jake. He looks up to you. And what do you do? You burn down the chemistry lab. Madre di dios!”“It wasn't,” Andrew mumbled, “that big a fire.”“Now we have excuses?” In anger, Kris

My Freaky Girlfriend

fact, we had anal sex long before I ever fucked her pussy. She loves to get all nasty and even enjoys when I dominate her. I must be the luckiest dude out there. I have to tell you she dresses in the tightest clothes you’ve ever seen and she just loves to get fucked. How lucky am I. One time, I was at my job. I’m an accountant at a fortune five

Past Desires – The Beginning

or two later, little Sarah comes back into Angie’s room, still teary-eyed from being yelled at before. She approaches Angie on her bed and in a little voice asks to join her big sister. This time, Angie picks up the child, sets her on her lap, and apologizes, before hugging her little sister and telling her ‘I love you and I’m sorry.’ She is met

Her Plaything Ch. 07

his fingers as he laid out on the couch. His wet fingers slipped between the firm, round cheeks of his ass and pressed against his backdoor. He moaned out, biting down on his bottom lip. It was the first time he had ever touched himself like this. His fingers carefully traced along the rim of his ass, massaging the saliva into his skin carefully.

Every Single Day.

are pink, suffused with blood as the warm, tingling sensation spreads across my upper torso. My legs clamp tightly together, my knees rise and fall in an accelerating rhythm. Now I need more oil. This time I pour it into the hollow of my belly button. My belly button is quite deep for some reason, so I manage to accumulate quite an amount of oil

Fatal Frame II: The Crimson Sacrfice.

and Chitose on the Heaven Bridge, finally together again. I run through All God’s, and finally getting to Misono Hill. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” I cry after her, even though I can’t which Butterfly she is anymore. “I’m so sorry!” I’m heading in the direction of the barrier, it should be lifted now. I should be leaving with Mayu, why aren’t I.

Bondage Fantasy Ch. 1

your clit. I'd get you so close to the edge, and then stop. Your ass would be shaking and your pussy would be straining for my touch."Of course, with this new development, I started playing with myself again. I was already very wet, but wanted to pace myself until Jared told me he'd make me cum in his story. "Please, go on...what would happen

OZone 09 : Foot Traffic

a healthy tip." He draws from his wallet $200.00 handing it to her. She looks at the cash and whistles under her breath. "Pleasure was all yours, Mister Huddle. Come back as often as you like." He nods scratching the back of his neck. "Once a week is good. No reason to forget who my Wife is."In response she wiggles her wedding band before his

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 10

one, the 6-cyclinder all-wheel-drive model that would be useful outside of California.’ ‘Sounds good to me.’ ‘Excellent. Come and we’ll look at the car now and then we’ll go to the office.’ Andy had expected the company to be in two-bit premises and therefore was pleased that it occupied a two-level building that appeared recently refurbished in

Saturday Morning

early. Even then it is not conducive to either inhibition or romance to be having sex with one eye on the clock. Even for a hit-and-run quickie. David and I both like staying in bed and recovering slowly rather than rushing to shower, dress and run to the office. I think that we look like something out of a situation comedy on television when we


you too”. Then Granny Gracie, with unexpected strength stood and pulling me to my feet, toppled us back into the cool water to rinse the sex off. But it did nothing to cleanse my thoughts, they were as dirty as ever and I fondled my new lover all over and she me. Then I turned her around so that my fresh woodie was between her ass-cheeks. She

Cherry Hill Ch. 05

coming in every hole you can, just so I can go to college and fuck every boy there Oh fuck, Oh FUCK YES ‘ Alexis hissed and screamed. Pastor’s hand went to cover her mouth before her voice escalated too loud, but he was too caught in the moment. He felt his dick exploding in her ass. He felt her pussy coming against his balls and her ass trying

Little Miss Naughty Presents

plants a trail of small fiery kisses along your chest until he reaches your right nipple. The nerve endings there seem to be directly linked to your crotch, and you groan gently once more. Helplessly, you reach for Pete, trying frantically to undo the buttons on his shirt. Pete looks up from what he’s doing and murmurs ‘No … just enjoy’. There’s

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 13

it all came back to me.""Is that why you woke me up last night and pounded my tight, sore little pussy until I was screaming into the pillows like a wanton little slut?" she asked. My cock responded accordingly, thickening in her hand. "Because you were mad at her?""Could have had something to do with it, yeah.""I guess I owe her one then," she

Clitty Transformation - One Month In

soft state until I got very close to an actual orgasm.I have now completed week 4, and am into week 5 of my clitty transformation. I can keep my clitty soft about 90% of the time and I have been able to orgasm 100% completely soft once. I can routinely cum about two-thirds soft.Lately my time in chastity has increased, and spikes have been added

In Washington D.C. with Ellen's Sister

I'm thrusting in and out like a madman while I simultaneously grunted: " Take it, you little bitch! Take it!" In and out I slammed my huge monster. I would pull out until only the head was lodged inside her and then lunge forward. All the way in. My huge head would slam through her like a piston, the huge swollen head spreading her cervix wider

Swati Ch. 02

She was genuinely happy to see me. ‘Oh, Swati was busy in the kitchen. I think she is getting dressed now.’ I said smoothly and proffered her a little gift that I had brought. Soon, we were chatting away thirteen to the dozen, bringing each other up to date with happenings in our lives. She had absolutely no idea of what had happened between

Late Nights on the 11th Floor

his briefcase down just inside. Listening, he heard music playing in the background, but saw no one. She didn’t have any plans and decided to write – she was working on a collection of short stories, hoping to make a living at it and leave this rat race behind once and for all. She listened to music, having found that it stimulated her

The Student Teacher

better known as Lex. I’ve just turned 16 this past week, and I’m pretty tall for my age at 5”8. I have auburn hair that rests nicely atop my C cup tits and hazel eyes. Although I’m only 16, I’m a very sexual person and I always tend to go for people much older than me – almost always teachers. But, obviously, doing anything with a teacher is

Gina the Love Slut Chapter 1: The Beginning

My aunt started to take her hand in and out of her pussy. I could hear the wetness as her hand slipped in and out of moms pussy. My thighs started to shake as orgasm came over my body. EAT my pussy, Aunt Linda yelled out as she moved her hand around inside of my moms pussy. I heard mom moan and Aunt Linda moan as I bit my tongue so they would not

Lesson Learned?

He pressed his hand down on her throat and kept fucking her. He could hear her little squeaks as his hand lightly squeezed her throat. Again he felt a rush of power over her as he realized he was in complete control. He squeezed her throat a little harder and then released. She gasped. He pulled out of her and roughly moved her to the edge of the

Mark Surrenders Ch. 03

heated discussions about who needed to do what or why something had fallen behind. Mark had been able to deflect these conversations quickly. He had enormous credibility within the team and even though he only led one engineering group, over time he had taken on the role of spokesman for all projects within the engineering and product groups.

Forward to go back (The Mission 3)

progressed far enough to begin a practical building of the device."Compliance," cici replied as the plans appeared before Charles. Pouring over the plans, Charles reformed the the design working at an almost breakneck speed. 2 hours later Charles was testing the concepts as hard and fast as he could, damnmit! He needed to start updating his

My sister Sandy follows in Mom's footsteps

was giving me a blowjob to rival the ones I received from Mom. Her head is like a piston pumping back and forth, up and down my shaft. She slides my cock into her mouth from the very tip, to the very bottom without a hitch. I warn her that I'm going to cum, and she doesn't even slow down. Soon It's too much for me. I grab her head as she swallows

CFNM for my sister's

She was 6 years older than me and so when I hit puberty she was fully developed. She was the reason of many of my masturbation sessions. She was the closest girl to me and she was also very good looking. I never thought about having sex with her, I just thought about her body and masturbated fantasizing about it. She is a natural blonde but

Man dream!!!

ill spend the morning when one and afternoon wit the other.. anyways let me get to the best part.. I got a room wit my gf and I just left melanies and I didn’t know but I left my clothes at her house the night before so she was follow me till I got to the room.. well for some odd reason after a few house pass I hear a knock and I was just getting

Punishment time for the wife... or is it..

bend over, and my wife is finishing off dick number 3 maybe? She has her ass fully pressed into the hole behind her and I know she’s being fucked repeatedly by someone. Her eyes are glazed over from the pleasure of the sex she’s having, and she kisses me passionately as that big dig starts to ease into my super tight ass. I moan into her mouth

Nude Lingerie

were closed. I took it as my cue to disappear. Closing the door behind me, I had another shock. Behind Prudence's high reception desk was a daisy chain of three women in the throes of orgasms with their faces stuck to a pussy. Glancing at the wall clock, I realized the hour. In a few minutes, our first client for the day would enter and she would

Falling Leaves

we have kids at all. It wasn’t a matter of time or schedule or anything else. It was the same as the discussion we’re having right now. You always had some excuse, some good sounding excuse like a headache or cramps or a hard day or not the right time. Now you have an excuse that will last to the end of our days, we are now too damn old to have

Diamond in the Rough Pt. 02

moved to Capetown Steve left all of his film cameras behind and decided to go completely digital. All of his memory cards were gone as well as his external hard drive backup. He was furious that somebody had stolen all of his photographs and he worried about photographs of April now getting out into the open. He knew April wouldn't mind that

A Thousand Words – Part One

him and looked up at her. His face now a sweaty red mass and his breathing ragged and urgent. Rhea stepped forward and wiped her palm on his shirt, ‘Good night my dear, and don’t forget to turn off the lights in your bedroom.’ She strolled off towards her own bedroom upstairs and shook her head in disgust as she heard the pitiful sobs of her

Sultry Summer Ch. 17

her knees next to his hips, bent over him, and began giving him a blow-job. She felt his cock swell and grow as she ministered to him with her mouth. Dennis raised his head and looked down, watching as Lois’s lips surrounded his erect organ. Then it began to disappeared and reappeared when her head started to move up and down. Her blonde hair

Shard 216.2: Unguarded

took everything in, tongue wagging, lips smeared with cum. The heavy-lidded eyes that pierced him with her neediness, acquiescing to his every wish.He saw the regal well-coiffed beauty, at a party or the theater or a business function. He loved to watch her when she wasn’t aware, a mere spectator among countless others lost in her movie star

Anal with Ebony

nasty while trying to get me hot. What is better than all that? Well, what is better than all that is when a white man mounts me from behind and fucks me in the ass. There is nothing quite so domineering as a white man plugging your ass while you are faced away from him, alone in your thoughts. That is what I'm gearing up for right now.I've

Dan at the swimming hole

turned on as I felt him jerking off faster as well. "Come on, suck that cock," he was whispering, "suck that cum right out of his balls". I couldn't take it with the hot action before me and my son's hard cock right at my shoulder level. So, throwing caution to the wind, I turned just enough and reached up to message his balls as he and I

Do it! Ch. 04

towards me, leaving off the imaginary, or supposed title he'd given me for whatever reason. "Pleased to see you again," he said acknowledging both Deidra and Bella with a quick brief shake of hands, though quickly capturing my own in between his two massive paws holding it there. "And very meet you," he informed me, glowering over me

What I Think About When I Stroke Your Cock

instantly want to start bouncing and slamming your cock into my hole but, as I move, I find your cock grinding against my walls, perfectly. Such a deep pleasure, like the first bite of cheesecake. It has to be enjoyed bite by bite or the richness is too much too soon.  My body craves you, so full and satisfied. I'm using you to scratch the

Dear Prudence

five hundred dollar bet at a company Christmas party. She would never know about the five hundred in cash if I lost that. There are some things that wives don't understand and losing bets is one of them. You can win a dozen in a row, but lose one and you're the dumbest fuck that ever drew a breath! As I was contemplating the fickleness of women,

Thanksgiving Day

disappeared into the trees before dropping down into the valley below. The snow caused the trees to drift in and out of focus like a white curtain pulled temporarily over a stage. The trees were almost black against the dim light, and he stared for several minutes before he could make out the shape of a rider on horseback coming down the road.

The Clothing Option - Chapter 3

this. He leaned over and kissed Becky on the lips. As they pulled apart, Becky giggled a bit as Ryan smiled and answered, "She's my girlfriend." "Yeah," continued Becky, "since he got totally naked at work the other day, to help me, and without even being asked, I thought that was so sweet. We got to talking, and yeah, we're dating now." Their

Faith , Hope and Charity 5: Anal Detention

off behind the bleachers, screwing in the parking lot, running trains by the football team in the construction site, and now this trading your teenage whore ass to teachers for grades This was not good, in fact it was horrible. She knew everything we had been up to at school this year. Stupid boys just had to brag didnt they, at least that has

Caught in the Bath

I come to the side of the bath and lean down to kiss you.Your soapy breasts look as enticing as ever and your nipples are like little bullets, I feel my cock again respond. Its hardness is now straining at the front of my trousers. I reach down and give you firm, pert mounds, a slippery massage. Sliding my hands over your perfect orbs, my gaze

Carla Buys a House

later this evening?” “Actually, I’m not in the office right now. I’m calling you from my car. If you’re planning on putting your condo on the market when you purchase a home, I’ll need to see it. Would it be all right with you if I came by tomorrow? I can bring some listings for you to look over and, if you like, we can drive around and look at

my sex experience with nadeesha

her enjoyment. After arching her back to its fullest,she collapsed back on the bed and awaited my touch. Her fingerswere slowly massaging her nipples and breasts, a small motionthat turned me on even more. I ran my fingers around the edgesof her pubic hair, then caressed her inner thighs, and finallyran them along her swollen pussy lips. The

Alone for the Weekend with the Dog

to let the dog in and shut the hot summer air back outside. He came trotting in, panting from the heat, and went straight to his water bowl. She quickly locked the door shut and ran back across the room. Her clit was throbbing, she needed to get back to touching herself. She'd been waiting literally all day for this. She slid back into the

Big Sky Love

old-fashioned iron key out of the podium and turned around. A man walked towards him. He caught Haley’s attention at once. From where she was sitting, she hadn’t been able to get a good look of anyone until they were at the podium. The man was tall with wide shoulders. He had short brown hair which was combed in a nerdy but charming way. Unlike

Good Thing I Stopped In For Coffee

all as I pumped it straight down her throat and into her tiny belly.It was my turn to sit on the bench and recover and I told the girls, "Wash each other."  I enjoyed watching them do so, especially when Tina took extra time making sure Callie's huge tits got extra clean.  Next, I stood up and they began washing my body.  Their hands felt so good

Virgin gets a well deserved fucking

bottles.I started to notice Sarah was getting too drunk when she leaned over and started to lick up and down my neck. I couldn't help it, I got wet. I had never even thought about being with another girl before but god she was making me wetter than any guy ever had.She ran her nails up and down my inner thigh, and giggled. I grabbed her neck and


are always punctual. It’s part of who we are. I was just outside the door when I heard the nurse tell Jennie she thought I’d be late. After a brief chuckle Jennie told her, “That’s because you don’t know my husband.” She asked me what the time was when I walked in about five seconds later. “Exactly ten, why?”“Oh…just a little bet I had with

Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 2

myself watching them dancing and kissing earlier, so I knew I’d be unable to stop myself watching their lovemaking.Luckily, the booth that Jason had selected was in a dark and private part of the club, and so with my ever-present blue tooth headset connected, I was able to watch and listen without being overseen or heard by other patrons of the

Club Gomorrah. The Sissy Saga. Chapter 4 The Reprogramming.

Mistress.”“Good, let me tell you how it works when you keep disappointing the Higher ups after your induction is complete. First you get punished, after you keep getting punished you get reprogrammed again. Then if you keep getting reprogrammed you start to be more than your worth to the club, time and money wasted on you is tie and money we

Clare's First Time at the Club

from your chest?""No, Sir," I replied.The club was housed in what was once the mansion of a 19th century lumber baron. Though the mansion, known as Fairborn, retained the original classical revival style exterior, the inside had been remodeled by the owners. Once inside, I forgot to be self-conscious. The beauty of the rich marble and hand-carved

The Unexpected Pt. 1

quicken my pace, and I can feel a heat through my body as my own cum swells. “Aghh,” I groan as beads of sweat fall from my forehead onto her still rosy cheeks. My knees and hips tremble and I loose my mind with the great feeling of cumming. I thrust as deep in her as I can and hold there. Like machines we throb one after another adding to

Spanking My Daughter - 16 Year Old Hailey

a few days or something. I reluctantly agreed we could try it if she ever was naughty.A few weeks later, she did something mildly naughty--I can't even remember what now. It was no big deal. When I mentioned consequences, she reminded me that I promised to spank her.Again I explained why I didn't believe in spanking. But she has always been

Riding Rena

to him. HIM! It was like millions of wet dream fantasies coming true in the too-real confines of the office.Moving with slow, yet purposeful motion, he placed the tip of his swollen member at the entrance to her pristine vagina. He looked up and saw tears run down her cheeks as she looked back with fear and trepidation in teary red eyes. He

My Neighbour The Runner - Part 6 (The Dinner Party - Part 2)

your ass with cum.” I felt it unleash inside me. Deep inside, I felt the warm jets cover the depths of my asshole. Each stream of cum drove me closer to orgasm. Finally, I unleashed a torrent of cum from my cock. It was unlike any other orgasm I’d ever had. It was one constant flow of cum that lasted nearly ten seconds. It absolutely covered the

Daddy's Home

my daddy's lips are against mine, and his cock is pushing against my hole. I buck my hips against him, successfully taking half an inch more of his cock. He slides in the whole way and I gasp, and he stays there, grinding his pelvis against mine, filling me completely and perfectly. When he starts to pull out, my kitty clenches around him and he

Barb Becomes a Sex Toy Ch. 08

Sarah," Carrie laughed as she said.Sarah turned the knobs again and the bud on her clit increased speed again the dildo inside her began humming too. Barb's whimpers continued as her clit and pussy jumped back to life. "Oh, this is insane," Barb though to herself. "I need to cum so bad. They are enjoying torturing me and all I can think about is

Huey and Me

that I was sounding like some kind of porn movie, but what else was there to say? His cock was making me feel so good. “I'm gonna … Oh shit … I'm fucking gonna ….” I slammed my ass back down on his cock and – by some sort of miracle of anatomical engineering – I started my orgasm at the same time he started his. I felt his cock swell and throb


the dark as most would call it. I quickly gripped his hips and turned around, pinning his back against the side of the bath. Blaez whimpered pitifully without putting up any sign of a fight against my actions. Blaez panted slightly as he wrapped his shaking arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around his small back then pulled him into me. I

To Switch or Not to Switch...

me about your evening,” I command. As he tells me his tale of woe, I, only half-listening, decide to get my feather out of the toy box. Raising his knees, I gently apply the soft wispy edge just behind his balls. His hugely erect penis twitches wildly. I cannot keep myself from giggling again. I finally have mercy on it (not him) and stop to

Mom Sat On My Face

was treated to her raised skirt and the fact that she had no panties on either. Janet was shaved bald, freshly shaved too, and her pussy lips were glistening from her sexual excitement. I wanted to taste her so badly.I got on my back and under her pelvis quicker than you could shake a stick. I grabbed the top of her ass and raised my face into

My Friend Amy

in the library.Then there were those intimate conversations, born out of our close friendship. The time when, texting each other unable to sleep at 3 am, she told me she played with herself in the shower almost every day. Dating stories she shared, like how much she loved riding the cock of a mutual friend who she went out with briefly. The night

Lucy-Anne Part One

into his hand. Once he’s finished he licks his cum from his hand till it’s clean, that was very weird but very erotic to watch and made my panties even wetter. I quietly creep back to bed and think about what I’d just seen and heard, did I like what daddy thought of me doing to him well yes I did. I slipped my hand inside my pyjamas I was

Total Woman Vignettes 04

you recall just now I asked you ‘What if I had a precious apparatus that needed to be cleaned and lubricated? Would you use your tongue to do the job if it meant a chance to test drive my new car?’ Remember that?’ Francine was slowly nodding her head, hoping for a reflexive head nod from Slick. She got it. ‘And you told me you spent all night

Her First Time

the house was much different than the 1950's romance feeling one gets from the outside. Instead of the bright yellows and pastels she had been expecting, she was greeted with dark stained wood, leather, and a lot of blacks and reds. It was like she was in a movie, this scene before her was so picturesque. He slammed the door shut behind her and,

Chapter 1: Accidental Encounter (Nancy Series)

years old, and her body showed the signs of childbirth and a fairly sedentary life. She became pregnant and married Ben, her high school boyfriend, shortly after they graduated from high school together. She quickly found herself in a supporting role to his life. Since they couldn't afford for both of them to go to college, he ended up going to

Life Lessons Part 2

the guilt associated with it. I agreed to go back upstairs to a bedroom rather than mess around on the sofa. Claudia suggested my bed which was absolutely out of bounds. We settled into the guest room with the baby monitor close by.I stood waiting, contemplating if this was right as Claudia walked towards me. She swept me into her arms to kiss

Dark Horse: Tales from the Ranch Ch. 04

turned and started dragging the older woman again. "We're gonna see how good the soundproofing is. You'd better hope the ponies on the other side of that wall can't hear you crying, or they're gonna stop believing the hype too." "Isabella," she cried, but Isabella just turned and sneered at her. "I remember how scared you were the first time you

The Bad Boy

nice visit with my friends. We slept in the basement that had a great stone fireplace. I spread sleeping bags and pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace for our bed. The golden flickering fire light made Ken’s gorges muscles glow. We made out to the warmth of the fire naked on our sleeping bag bed. I loved that big chest of his and

Sweet Baby Jane, Chapter One

I proudly call my daughters.   It was a Saturday and the twins had gone out to the mall, Jane had remained behind not wanting to interrupt her older sister’s with their friends, or so she said.  It wasn’t like they didn’t get along, just that Jane was younger, and at times that got in the way of socializing, or so the story went anyway.  I had

The Kennedys, 2.6: What happens in Vegas.

do, but no one ever told you about. We'd reserved a "couples massage." It sounds like the setup for a sex scene, you lie naked on a "table" (really a very narrow bed which can raise or lower), Kiki is lying naked on the next table, we're close enough could hold hands if we wanted. Then the girls (the masseuses, we have one each) spread you with

Anything (Part One)

Dangerous damn little word. I never realized how dangerous, but crap I’m starting to now. My heart thump-thump-thumping so loud that I could barely hear the radio. He had forced the word out of me, the weekend before–teased it from me, in his big, wonderful bed, blindfolded, my arms tied above my head, my ass raised up on a pillow and my legs

Aunties Surprise(3)

milked every drop from my cock, Her grip was so hard I felt she was pulling me deeper inside her as she bucked under me. Gasping for air she relaxed and panting below me she hugged me tight her finger nails bitting into the flesh on my back. I groaned and moved my mouth to find her still hard nipple gently kissing and sucking on it as I withdrew

Teresa’s Christmas Story

talents.’ I said. ‘Not really.’ Laura replied. ‘I heard about her beating up that piece of crap Dean Allen. I failed the punk out of my psychology class some years ago and his Senator daddy tried to have me fired. He got pushed back hard on that, and not just by the School, but he’s not a forgiving man.’ ‘Yeah, he’s pulling every string he’s got

Petra the Small Ch. 04

Tom let off the gas and Buck spoke quickly. ‘I called Sabrina when I got released. I’m going over to apologize to her and make it up to her, what I did. You can come in and be a witness if you like.’ Tom stepped on the gas again and the conversation was left hanging there for the rest of the short drive. As they pulled up in front Petra was

A Night In Town With my Wife

the side, quite close to the bar. The drinks were flowing and we were deep in conversation. The time went very fast. I made my way to the bar to get us some shots. I turned my head for a split second and noticed Emma was talking to a very attractive stranger. They were both laughing and I saw her touch his arm. I made my way back over. “Oh, is

Modified Mother taught lesson Part I

now will turn out: When my husband, a very wealthy man, died a few years ago, he left a will indicating that Marcus would be in charge of the estate.  Marcus is a very intelligent and capable boy.  He left instructions that he was to take care of me.  He paid all of my cost of living bills and I was allowed a $12,000 a month stipend to indulge

Learning Who's In Charge

places me on my front and laying over his trousers, whips my skirt up and pulls my underwear down so my bum is exposed to him and starts slapping my cheeks alternately.I struggle but he is too strong "Yes sir! Is what you're suppose to say and stop moving you know this is what you deserve!" he instructs me."Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Yes Sir!" I say

Reflections Ch. 03

I was probably with you for your money.’ ‘I get it but what did you say and why the kiss?’ ‘I told them they were assholes and yes you have money but are a better lover than the two of them put together. I knew because I fucked your brains out. Sorry about the kiss.’ ‘I’m not! That was one of the best kisses I have ever had. I meant it when I

The Weekend following Memorial Day

Mike and the rest of the family turned in.It was around midnight that he left his futon and crawled his on his hands and knees to Loni's side. Loni was wide awake and waiting for him. There was a long passionate kiss before she peeled back the thin sheet to reveal her nightgown to Mike. He was not disappointed.As Loni had described, it was all

The Secrets of Liberty Mountain

or at the very least, a diversion in the colony's daily routine. It had been years since most of the women in the cabin had seen a man, with or without clothes. Maybe I should charge admission.Lisa stood and stretched after too long sitting on an uncomfortable wooden bench without padding , "I'll show you both to your quarters if you two are

The Way You Like It

I hold you by your legs and push into your ass. I lean forward, hands supporting me as I cover your view. Your knees almost touching your shoulders as I then start to pound your ass. Our breathing gets heavier. I then lean over to kiss you. Our lips meet as I fuck your ass harder. You rub your clit and fill your pussy with your fingers

Three Days Of Watching My Wife

absolutely mental when trying to prove a point, and with the amount of alcohol she had consumed it was enhanced by a factor of ten, so either way, she was as likely to let him feel her entire body as she was to kick him across the room. What she hadn’t counted on however, was my ever growing erotic desire to escalate it into watching one or both

Cherished Girl 2

pebbled up, more sensitive than ever. She reached up with one hand, fondling her own breasts, even pinching her own nipples lightly as she crooned. "OOoohhh… Anders, I'm going to come. Do you want to see me CUM?" The brunette's long, lustrous hair fell down around her shoulders and briefly obscured her face. That same cute face contorted with a

A Joke

Alice, I think it would be better we not meet again as long as you stay with him.’ Is there anything I can tell Flo that might give her some hope that you will forgive her.’ ‘If she can prove to me that she didn’t have sex with Roger, I’ll consider it and I’m not taking Roger’s word or hers that nothing happened and it was just a joke. I perceive

Our Boss Fucked Our Wives, We Got Even

knows about the camera!’ Tom was still cupping her breasts and he raised his head to look into the camera as Nina was now doing. Now it was as if both Tom and his wife were looking directly into his eyes as Tom answered. “Not just I’m doing. You and I are doing this. No one will be seeing this, but like I said, if I only get you one time, I keep

The Wedding

I roll off Wendy’s body and collapsed next to her. I must have dozed off; I’m not as young as I used to be.When I came to, the arrangement had changed. I got one eye open and saw Wendy kneeling on the bed between Mary’s knees. Wendy heard me move and lifted her head and looked at over me. “Back with us then? Ready to take part again?” She

The Futa Fairy - Futa's Forbidden Wish Chapter 2: Keily's Futa Menage

She hugged me, her large tits rubbing on my shoulder blades, her nipples so hard. I worked my asshole up and down her shaft as I pumped away at my sister's incestuous twat. “That is so hot!” Lana moaned. “Like watching Cassie and Kimmie performing during a game.”“Oh, yes,” Rosa moaned. “Mmm, look at Keily's cute ass just swallowing that monster

Learning the Lifestyle Part 6

and moaned and wiggled as he cracked her with the crop. It was driving her mad she really needed him now. She tried to show him her need with her mouth. He gripped her braid to help her suck without the aid of her hands, but as time went by she really didn't need his help. The whole thing turned her on and she was fast losing control. If he

A Visit from a Friend

likes that." I moaned, writhing on the coffee table. Frank's finger entered my slit, then withdrew, then entered again. In a slow, lazy rhythm he was fucking me with his finger. I felt myself getting wet, lubricating his finger, letting it slip deeper and deeper into my pussy. "Please..." I whispered. "Is your cock hard?" Mike asked. "What?"

A Chance Online Encounter

her feel at ease, I let her take my shorts off first. She teases me as she does, but leaves my boxers on. I then finish removing her shorts, and to my surprise, she decided not to wear any panties. I feel a lil weird, still wearing my boxers As I go to remove them, Nicole stops me and tells me to lay back on the bed. As I do she starts kissing my

Hunters Ch. 05

collapsed, she was in the Consortium’s corner and rapidly climbed to the top of the organization. She was known for her ruthlessness and had caught Max three times now, and he had escaped all three times. She had a habit of turning his non-lethal beatings into blood baths, killing her wounded men or forcing Max into a situation that put it down

Sexual Discoveries Ch. 07

blue top that she wore. She had gone with her parents the previous night to meet them. They had introduced themselves as Kyle and Sarah Peterson. He was twenty nine, and his loving wife was twenty five. They had been blissfully married for just over a year, and did not have any children yet. Misty discovered that the couple’s bedroom was directly

Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher Part IV

began fucking my face harder as Matt pushed his tip against my hole. I tipped my hips back and he ran his cock again along the perineum. I moaned as Mike's cock grew harder in my mouth. Matt finally pushed inside my wet pussy up to the hilt. I moaned as my eyes rolled back and I felt a spasm rush through me. I felt on the verge and I reached back

Sissy Story

her pussy juices off of my now softening tired cock. I awoke that next morning with a ‘tum full of cum’, a sore & aching asshole, a spent cock, and the taste of pussy and dick in my mouth mixed with the tastes of cigarettes & alcohol. This was the first time in a long time, that I actually cared for or had pride in a job. I was a fucking dirty

The Binding of Isabelle Ch. 01

but I know not what. And they seem to be far from unanimously certain I am the one to help him in the first place. ‘Yes, Isabelle, we are most certainly concerned with your well-being. If is you are not the one for whom we search. You could still be the one for one of the others yet to find. . . ‘ ‘Enough Lucian. You’ll scare the girl,’ Dexter

Fly in the Ointment

sure would have been nice to have my big brother around for all this shit I’ve gone through in the past few years.’ ‘What shit?’ I only realized after I’d said it that I was giving her a victory. ‘Oh well, she looks like she needs one,’ I thought. ‘You have no idea what I’ve been through Cedric,’ she said. I knew she wasn’t really trying to rub

Taking Camryn

need access to her cubicle. She looked around trying to figure out who might have sent the note. It could be Matt. He was a ruggedly handsome 45 year-old married guy that she sometimes fantasized about. She loved his broad shoulders and stunning smile, but he seemed to be a happily married guy. She decided he was probably an unlikely candidate.

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 35

new man, looking down at my rear. I feel him cup my cheeks, hear him say quietly, 'dirty little bitch'. Only I hear him, see him glare down at me.He runs his hand over the ruffles of my panties and pets my rear end. He strokes me. I struggle, almost thrash to pump, pump so desperately looking for 'the feeling'. The inner feeling that starts just

George: Schooling

door and closed the blinds. She then went to the front of the room.“Today we will be learning about the wonders about the Human Body, both boys and girls,” she said, as the class giggled. She put up a slide that showed a penis, which was heavily diagrammed. She smiled as a sinister thought crossed her mind.“This is the penis, the male sex organ.”

Garter Ardor – Part Two

a table at the edge of the dance floor and busied myself in polite conversation with the table’s occupants who I had just learned were relatives of the bride. I had discreetly tucked myself back into my pants after Karen left me here and was scanning the crowd for a group closer to my own age with whom I could more comfortably mingle.

Trick or Treat

again; the vision that constantly danced through his mind. She stood in a cornfield in an airy blue summer dress, laughing, beckoning him and calling his name. The sunlight danced in her navy blue eyes and in the gold sheen of her long blonde hair. He knew he had been too arrogant and dismissive with her when they had been together. If only they

Twins Apart Ch. 1

away. ‘Arianna, Shaunny,’ Shane gave them a brief nod. Shaunny’s mother was obviously taken back by the insignificant greeting but she continued to step forward and embraced him, ‘Welcome to Caverson’s Bay, dear. How was your flight? Shaunny dear will you help with the bags?’ Arianna said while indicating to Shaunny that the chauffeur needed some

Just What I Needed

He withdraws enough to let me breath again and I suck and tongue his helmet for a time before he resumes the relentless fucking of my mouth. The sensations is delightful, due in part to the size of the cock in my mouth, but also the sensation of being helpless, of being owned, of having no choice but to yield to him. I reach down between my legs

Billy's Sexlife begins

In this town that meant Mexicans. At school I met my new best friend Angel, A slightly overweight but very nice half Mexican half American kid just a year older than me. He seemed cool to me and we would hang out almost every day and every weekend. Our friendship got to the point where I would sleep over at his house every weekend so I could

Hiding a friend

to muffle the noises. Her moan turned into an almost growl. She came back up, eye to eye with me. “oh just fuck me.” she growled and rolled us over. She was underneath me with my cock still in her. These words rattled in my head. I kissed her hard as I put my hands on her shoulders. Partially for leverage and partially to tease. Instead of the

Erica, Ranch Wife. pt 7. lost cucumber

to myself at her discovery of her sex toys and her discomfort at the same. I walked into the living room and Erica had laid face down on the sofa with her clothes and a pillow under belly. She had propped her ass up in the air. Just as if she was raising it for deep anal play or an good ass fucking, she said it was the most comfortable position

The One

sherry dei bambini.” The room went silent. Sherry turned blood red with embarrassment. I asked, “What?” Sherry whispered, “I’ll tell you later, babe.” I turned and Momma had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her brown eyes. Fran coughed and said, “Well, Dean, you’ve made quite the impression on Momma.” We sat down for a dinner of turkey

Jack's new life Part 2

DD’s. Her hair hadn’t started to grey, and was a deep fiery red.She started to look at her recipe books to figure out what to cook for dinner, and decided she was just gonna order a pizza.She walked upstairs to ask Jack what kind of pizza he wanted when she noticed the bathroom door was slightly open.She almost yelled out to ask what kind of

First Time at the Rim

her sweet bottom no more than a foot away. She stayed still like that for a few seconds, then bent forward slowly until her head was on the bedcover, face turned to one side, and her lovely hair spread over her back and shoulders. Her crevice was spread slightly now, but the dark shadows still hid what was within. Then, she allowed one hand to

Break Me: A Love Letter

you?" She nodded, whispering what he wanted to hear. He didn't reply this time, instead taking a single gloved finger and poking her clit, once. Desire pumped through her, a much louder voice than all the others, silencing them. "I need more," she breathed. Quickly, he grabbed the bottle of water again and poured the freezing water over her

Office Play Ch. 06

- and maybe it head, the rim felt swollen. Still, after her lust-filled dreams it was almost a relief to have something filling her, and after the pain she almost started to get some real pleasure from it. They were on their sides in a spooning type position, and he spread one of her legs high in the air, giving him easy access between spread ass

Granny Dee and her Younger Lover Part 2

and down past her naval. Her panties still on I take them by the sides as she lifts her ass and let's me pull them down. I look her in the eye and put her panties to my face and inhale them. My head goes towards her old cunt as I spread her thighs. I lower my head towards her pussy admiring her dark red pussy lips. My mouth connects with her

On the Boat

as it goes in. You shudder and gasp as I penetrate you. You bounce against me as my hips rock, driving my dick deeper and deeper inside you. Wrapping your legs around me, you grab a hold of the rail as I left you up, fucking you hard and fast. One arm wrapped around your waist, the other keeping the belt gripped as I put a little pressure on it.

Pet Proves Her Worth

purring moans at the taste.Sounds of the game on the television interrupt the silence of the flustered room. A soft giggle as she fixes her Master pants and belt, then slides to sit at his feet yet again. The nervous guests clear their throats; make a few low comments and the occasional "damn". But all she cared about was feeling the approving

Playing in the Band

were ringing. Midway through their encore he lost an earplug and continued on as if he didn’t. It was the last date of their tour so it mattered to him as well as the group that they gave their fans a worthwhile performance.He gently nudged Jamie and pointed to his ear with a frown. She packed her guitar and followed him out to the bus. Their

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

around Terminal C. I didn’t see her anywhere. My heart fell to my stomach and I continued searching, making my way through the sea of people. Probably because of my army uniform, people congratulated me and easily allowed me to pass through. I figured she’d be waiting outside of the airport so I started making my way to baggage claim. ‘Leo?’, I

Hiking Trips 1

Gretas tennis bag to pull out the tripod. By the time that she went over to the stallion Greta had already calmed his wild urges enough to gently goad him to stand over the moss covered rock. She now lay on her back with her legs open, occasionally rubbing his cock. Once the camera was set up Tami hunched on the side of the stallion and she and

FWD: Hypnosis

you know that feeling? The weather was perfect, it was so warm with a gentle breeze. I felt myself just let go immediately. Between the breeze and the sun, I felt so, so good. The suntan lotion shimmering on my skin, I could smell the coconut oil rising from my warm, smooth skin. It was so good to relax for once, ya know? Just letting go of all

Common Pleasure

later, she smiled to herself as she put the last of the load into the dishwasher anad hummed a little tune. Trish and Ellie had gone home, to be more precise, Ellie had taken Trish home-the latter had knocked off one-fourth of the vodka on her own, turning into an incohorent, drunk diva. Out of the corner of her eye, Ellie’s fire-red purse

My Love Affair with the New York Times

this is really strange. I mean, I don’t mind it, but we will not have the NYT become an important part of our sex life. You need to do that on your own time.”I was deflated. For a minute I had hoped she would be on board. Well, I guess, me and my NYT were just going to be jerking off together.On my birthday the following week in the morning I

The Hotel Concierge

He replied."You didn't really go over my duties, what exactly would I be doing please?""Well, is kind of hard to explain, if you'd like to come back this evening and my night manager will go over that with you. Oh, did I mention the $2000 signing bonus?""You did. Sure, I'll accept, with the pay I'm sure I won't be washing dishes." I said with

The Cheater gets Cheated

my nipples. I lower my hand to my own folds and circle my clit. So many different sensations. He begins to scream, and I feel the hot semen inside me and dripping down my legs. It pushes me over the edge and I, too, climax.we stand there a moment before we both begin giggling like school kids after prom night. He fixes his pants as I address my

Her Shy Sister. Part 2

on?" she asked."Please. Mandy never does," he responded."Now technically I'm still a virgin, but you can have me," she said as she fished a tiny bottle of sex lube that she had placed behind her back, secured in the waistband of her slip, and handed it to him.Kathy then dropped to her knees and pulled his briefs down. Vince watched wide-eyed as

Absolute Control Pt. 03

time. "Good. 1200hrs on Wednesday, that is settled then. We look forward to meeting Doctor Chandler then. Thank you so much."Fiona handed the phone back to Peter and smiled. "Well. There we are then. Are you excited?"Peter thought carefully before replying."I am not sure. I like the idea of my breasts getting bigger, and having sensitive nipples.

Unexpected Night With My Ex

it was only her cheek. She said enough of that, but I asked for a cuddle and she said okay. I turned the bedroom light off and climbed onto the bed beside her into a spoons position. I put my arm over her waist and held her hand. She entwined her fingers with mine and pushed back into me to get closer. We gradually fell to sleep like this.I woke

Bella Ana (Chapter 4)

away all her skin and grow it back new and fresh. She wished she could burn the feel of men’s hands out of her body. She sobbed and sobbed until there was nothing left in her. Then she took the razor from the tub side and began shaving her legs. She accidentally nicked her knee with the blade, and a stream of red blood trailed its way to the

Punch Drunk Love

taking shots of Jager with Monsters and their gallon jug of Jager was soon down to about a quarter of a gallon. They sure knew how to drink. We left the party around two am and got back to our place around 3. We climbed up the stairs Michael talking about what great times he had every weekend with his buddies while me and the girls talked it up.

Popsicle - Part One

I kept taking in more and more of his dick until it hit my throat allowing the head to gently slide in while suppressing my gag reflex.Robert then placed his hands on the back of my head and took the lead. He smoothly fucked my mouth, ordering me every now and then to coat his dick with a sugary layer from the popsicle.“Yeah, that’s what you

Double Secret - Part 1

can see that, I had noticed when you bent over,” she started, “How your Dad didn‘t notice I‘ll never know!” she exclaimed.Mum started to help me with the dishes and I felt myself moving towards the kitchen table.“You are getting so naughty recently,” Mum announced.“Really,” I replied as I leant back slightly against the corner of the dining

Such A Clutz!

I started cumming. My pussy spasmed, I continues fucking you while moaning so loud, I was almost screaming from the intense wave of pleasure that was pulsating through my body. I fucked you hard and fast then slow and shallow. hardfast slowshallow. until You promplty said you were going to cum. I fucked you harder than Ive ever fucked before

Been A Long Time

be missing? Well one day while at work,I was on the internet and stumbled onto a crossdressing website,and all kinds of memories came rushing back to me. The feeling of sexy panties,bras and hose.The feel of a hard cock pushing it’s way past my lips and down my throat.The taste of a hot load of cum. As the months went on, I started to accept the

Love Turmoil Ch. 02

so did his fingers, and she was soon writhing beside him on the bed. When Dominic reached her pussy, he groaned with delight. Lisa was swollen, throbbing and extremely wet. She was writhing with need. His fingers stroked her moist folds and their eyes met and held as he explored her with increasingly bold caresses, slipping one finger into her.

Case of Love

Topeka Boulevard in my Jeep. I thought maybe I shouldn’t answer. I thought maybe I should. I opened the phone and I replied ‘Topeka.’ ‘I thought you were going to be home tonight.’ I worked nights, and she knew my schedule. She also knew that on beautiful summer nights I enjoyed the solace of my pool. A pool that at the end of June was normally

Dave and Sugar ch 1

I mean. I consider myself a very sexual person, and I’m always horny. However, I did not feel like playing alone this time. I got up, didn’t bother to change, went into the den, and logged onto my computer. I decided to answer a few emails, to let my friends and family know I was handling things okay, one day at a time. One email perked my

Club 35 - Third Visit Pt. 02

leash and a naked Jennifer was led out of her office through the halls of her company, to the freight elevator. Mark was behind her, holding her by the elbow as they entered the elevator. The door opened and there was no one around. Jennifer had never been naked in a place she wasn't supposed to be naked. She had been naked in the Club, but never

Lucky Private

is in her mid 30's, she's as hot as ever. She's a 5'-4 power house that looks better than most women in their 20's. A nice, supple athletic build with just the right amount of curves, a beautiful smile that will stop you in your tracks, capped off with thick auburn hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. She easily fits into the bombshell category. To

How to Cure the Post-Partum Blues

‘Ya hungry?’ Brad said. ‘I’m starved!’ I was lying, but I wanted to be with Brad a little longer. He was so alive, so fascinating. ‘Me too. Let’s go to Frisch’s for some greasy bacon and eggs, okay? I’ll meet you there.’ ‘Okay, Brad.’ It was such a drag having to take both our cars, when some people don’t even have one car. I felt guilty using so

Notes From A Secret Admirer

my mail (if any) and to catch up on the news with my kids, grandsons and ex-wife. My idiot ex-brother-in-law Roy was there along with his even more idiot wife Betty and their middle child Dusty. I think Dusty is fourteen and a freshman in high school. While I was there, he was expounding at length to Nancy and his mom about the mystifying

Me and Mom Part 1

then the other in my hands, I was kissing her nipples and sucking on them. This seemed to drive her crazy. She was moaning, wiggling her whole body, and talking saying, "Fuck don't stop. Suck harder.""Eat my pussy before I go crazy."I moved down her stomach and started kissing her just where her pussy mound started. I slowly worked my way down

My friend Natalie

bathroom put some deodorant on and took a piss.As I was walking out the front door I noticed my mum rubbing on a dark patch in her knickers. I stood there looking for a while and then got slapped back into reality when I realised I was getting aroused. I quickly closed the door and walked into the darkness of the street.It took me about an hour

Miscarriage of Hope

since completing school, he was a computer technician with the British MI5 security agency. Of course, the family joke with the older children was that they knew it was all just a cover, he was really an assassin. It seemed every time he went out of town some African politician was murdered or disappeared. Tara’s older daughter had even made up

Inherit My Heart

that accompanied them. But she kept her nose in her books earning a degree in business, and thus, her legs closed, leaving her virginity intact, a rarity for a girl her age. But, Elizabeth was also a believer in love-true love-the kind her parents had before their death. She remembered the way they looked at each other, as if they were the only

Brian’s Adventures Ch. 16

with a raised eyebrow of interest. ‘Don’t you see? By going through the motions of ‘normal behaviour’ they can remember what life was like before The Mistress. As long as they’re in smaller groups and outnumbered by the healers or Guards, it should work!’ Treabilla said with great excitement and relief and was greeted with a smile from the

Meeting James Chapter Ten, Part One

face wet with my juices."Are you ready for some more?" he asked huskily.My face broke into a big smile."If you're so inclined."Without warning, he rolled me forward again towards the head of the bed. Once again, he plunged his tongue into the depths of my vagina, over and over and over without mercy. Almost involuntarily, I squeezed his head

My Little Kitty

I called. She purred, eyeing my cock with lust. She crawled over to me, her back arched and her butt and tail in the air. She rubbed up beside me, feeling the side of her breast rub up against my leg. She looked up at me purring happily before licking the underside of my cock. She took my cock back into her mouth, taking me as deep as she could.

Party Time – Humiliation – Group

given a round of applause on entering a large lounge area, that had clearly been set out for one purpose. We were both blushing at all the attention when we were told by one of the others that we are the first new couple to join their group in about a year. Further more, tonight is our night as a welcome to their exclusive ‘club’. Ed introduced

Cathy and Chris Ch. 06

there is another opening that is available in this region that you may wish to consider in more depth. We have discussed this before and although it does hold some fears for the less imaginative, I am sure that TGND will find its exploration beneficial, and with our assistance I trust it will be mutually advantageous.When one delves into virgin

Private Revelations

and dejected, but I could not induce him to speak of what he had experienced with his comrades, other than to say how very many of them were now dead.

 Was that the full reason for his anxiety, or was there something more, I wondered. Had he guessed the thoughts that Ruth had planted in my mind? Then one day as we sat on our front porch, he

Football Fantasy 4

my ass up pretty nice! HA!!" laughed Coach. He then pushd me onto the couch, and jerked my body into the proper position, exposing my bare ass at his face. He then pulled Kevin closer to him, and then faced me."Oh yeah Coach," I moaned, "Fill me with your tounge! MMMMmmmmm"He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them. He then sucked his index

California Zephyr

she straightened her dress, turned and moved carefully down the aisle toward her chair car. She exaggerated the movement of the car, letting her hips sway. She could still feel the spot on her breasts with his hands had been.Joel watched the exaggerated sway of Kathy's large hips. Nice ass, he thought. Then he turned and made his way back to his

My Holiday Rape - Sardinia

sweat and an all-overpowering stink of stale urine.I again thought about the wild animal dominating me. My husband is always very clean when we are together in bed. Our sex is almost clinical, so I didn’t know what kind of sensations this animal small would call up in me. I felt drawn to his animal smell and at the same time felt disgusted about

JESINTA 7B – School Holidays (Gym)

if he was still interested until I felt a hand on the lower part of my bent back. Soon I felt him fishing his cock at my anal passage. Then I felt it slide inside without a hassle. Another hand touched my lower back, as each hand held onto the sides of my lower back. I let out a small moan as he slow slid it in and out of my asshole. I shut my

The Poker Game

bad luck. It was about 11 a.m. on Saturday and I had picked up my other girlfriend Charlene early that morning and brought her back to my parent’s house where we had an early morning love making session and then breakfast. Charlene was still in the kitchen and now Lori was at the door. *sigh*, why me? Although they both knew I was seeing others,

Pleeky Blinds Her: Chapter One

body started to shake while I was inside of her, her pussy started contracting on me, which was driving me to the point of cumming. I didn't want to cum, because I didn't want this to end, but I was definitely looking forward to other sessions with this girl, but hey, if this was the only time I'd ever have sex with her, I definitely made the

The Belfast Crab

she hit my life, I was living in Belfast and she blew in like a hurricane. To this day, I’m not quite sure where or how I first saw her, the memory is hazy now. I think I had gone to a friend’s house to borrow something, his latest girlfriend was there and we were introduced. Somehow we left together. We ended up having a drink, then a meal and

Dancing Horses

their new costumes. With their high heeled boots, with their heads head rigid by the collars and harnesses, with their arms straining behind their backs and being tugged by the chains connecting their collars and ankles, they stumbled and lurched toward the crowd. They were well aware of the magnificent display their bulging and jiggling breasts


felt need consume her. She walked over to the counter where she dropped her stuff down, embarrassment filling her as she realized what she was really doing. Brent walked over to the couch and flipped on the television, having been around enough to know what to do but not a lot in the whole scheme of things. Tierney grabbed them some beers from

My lovely girlfriends part.1

fucking harder with every stroke.She didn't speak. Actually she cannot. Sex with him is like drug to her. She is always high. She can't think straight, she can't talk but only follows his order.He pulled out his cock and lined it against her asshole hesitated for a second and asked,"Shall I?"Even though he is the master in the sex, he cares for

Susie's Zoo Submission III

into the vet room and slumped down. Vaguely, as she slipped into unconsciousness, she felt Adam use the same vacuum syringe to remove the tiger's sperm from her ass, as Dr. Stone sat on the floor with her, stroking her hair and whispering, "you did wonderfully honey. You're going to be the greatest asset to this zoo in our entire history..."

Black Stepmom Gets Creamed

Monday.Eventually the fight ended and my dad said that he was going to the club and he wouldn’t be back until very late. Cindy huffed and stood in the kitchen with her arms folded.“Oh, hi, Michael. Uh, did you hear any of that?”“Yeah, I did. Sorry, but you know how strict my dad is with money.”“Ugh, I know, but I REALLY want to go on this trip

Sex with My Sister (Book 5 Chapter 4)

in a while.“Holy shit.” I said as I put my face in my hands. “What box of Pandora did we just open, Emma?”“I’d say a pretty good one, Cyrus.” Emma said. “Mom just pretty much admitted that she needs to get laid and wouldn’t mind having you fucking her.”“Yeah.” I said. I put my hands down and got up.“Where are you going?” Emma asked. “Are you

Summer Fun 2

Sara's nipples were bigger than what they looked like under her shirts. Abigail got one of Sara's nipples in her mouth and started to suck on it. Sara's back arched in compliance to Abigail's sucking. Sara reached down and took her top off and then reached around Abigail and took her top off. Abigail didn't miss a beat and continued sucking. My

Years of loveless marriage and then …

As S explains, she was invisible in her marriage and my sex life was once a month and boring. If you read through this amazing story, see if you can spot the one thing missing? The New Girlfriend’s TaleI hadn’t intended to continue the story, but the gentleman concerned rather liked our story being public, and I confess I found it rather

The Bath

on my tight muscles but your body feels even better against mine. I lean us back into the water and start to rub your shoulders. You relax into my touch and sigh. I kiss behind your ear. You arch your neck for more attention and I happily continue. I move my hands further down your back and massage those muscles while I kiss along your shoulder.

A Cheating wife

her neck, face, moth and finally her hairs. I collapsed on her naked body with my cum all over her mouth & face & hugged her tightly. ‘I have always wanted to feel the hot juices of a man coming on my face, my ears, mouth and my body’ she said ‘but my husband does not oblige me’. After about 30 mins. Of sleeping in each other’s arms we finally

Meteor Love

alone. Jack never betrayed my heart- it turns out he had just gotten engaged to another girl, who he liked but did not love, and kept his promises to her, promises he keeps to this day. He has been a constant companion and friend in my life. When my spirit or his needs encouragement, we visit in our dreams. He opened my eyes to mysticism. His

Moving On Part 3 of 3

like I was drunk on all the things that I felt when I first realized that I was in her body. Just the feel of her clothes, the strength of your arms as you held me, everything was an erotic explosion in my mind. I couldn't get over how good she smelled, how good you smelled, how much more depth there was to your eyes that I had ever seen in

A Tiny Slip Ch. 02

hair, was her father. He was wearing what looked like Army khakis from the Viet Nam era, the era that defined him, but he was happy… a happiness that Teresa had never seen. He seemed to be peering at her. ‘All is forgiven here.’ said Alexis, reading Teresa’s thoughts. ‘Here there is no pain, no regrets. Only love and peace. Are you ready to cross

A revised version of a classic story of incest, bisexuality and first time sex

way inside her in asmooth, easy motion as a quiet moan of pleasureescaped Scotty’s lips.Justin watched, mesmerized, as his sister rode hisbest friend’s penis. It was the coolest, most awesomething he’d ever seen, and became even cooler when thetwo rolled over and he could see Scotty’s ass flexingand relaxing as he fucked the older girl.

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 11

naked from the waist down and I loved watching my cock slide in and out of her very round curvy ass.Erica and I returned to our dorms after another great round of sex. There was no need to go looking for Marilyn that night as I had thoroughly fucked Erica's ass and I was drained. Besides Erica and I planned to ski on Sunday before the bus ride

RV Camping Trip

my skin, but Gigi’s hot body felt even better. With both of us bare naked, I reached down and slipped a finger across her smooth lips. My finger slid into her moist pussy. Her pussy was swollen and ready. There was no need for more foreplay. I wanted to experience Gigi in a different way than the darkened fishing pier allowed me the night before.

A Long Awaited Birthday Gift

her, held it in place, then slowly lowered herself onto it, steadily jamming it up her ass. She began to ride up and down on it, slowly at first, but soon was bouncing on it as fast as she could. Her tits shook as she rode the plastic cock, her back arched toward the ceiling, her eyes wide open looking into the camera. One hand stabilized

This Little Piggy...

with her other hand. He slowly crawled toward her, his red cock dangling from his pants. "You've left quite a mess already, Piggy. What would my mommy do if she saw an old man's cum on the sole of her daughter's new heel? Lick it up for me." He'd never tasted his own cum before, and hadn't planned to. Still, she wanted it and she got what

Booty Call

week. Work was stressful. School was stressful. I admit I was a bit grumpy after spending 7 days in a swimsuit reading and catching rays. I’d actually not made plans to see anyone the first night I was away. I needed the downtime. I needed to study. I needed to just be alone. I thought. After a long conference day I went to one of my favorite

A New Level of Submission

I am Sir. Hold your cock please," you ask as you take a firm grip of your arse cheeks again. As you spread them wide, I take hold of the base of my cock. I feel a looseness around my dick as you relax. Maintaining perfect posture, you extend your legs until I come loose from you. What remains is a yawning gape."Is it up to standard Sir?" your

Barcelona Beauties Ch. 05

to take a deep breath. When I exhale, just put it in." I positioned my cock head at her opening again. This time I held it down with my thumb. Yara exhaled forcefully and I pushed in about two inches. Yara yelped and I stopped moving. "Just let me get used to it," she panted. Soon she started to move back against me and I fucked her with the

Good Sam's Reward

tits. Firmly massaging her tits and gently pinching their hard nipples, brought moans and groans from Jay. When I sucked her right nipple into my mouth and tongued it, she arched her back as if to offer me more of her tender flesh. With her hand on the back of my head encouraging me, I spent a very enjoyable twenty to thirty minutes fondling

The Wife Next Door: Part VIII-Watching a Movie

passion levels started to increase. My mouth and eyes, my hands, were overcome by sensory over-load. Too much was happening too fast for my brain to even comprehend how fucking sexy this all was. Angela lifted my head and put my hands on her white top. “Mr. Lombardo, do your job and follow the script.” With this Angela put my fingers on the knot

Hotel Bound Ch. 03

blows down on my swollen, sopping cunt. She beat my cunt with a steady pace, neither slow nor fast, but never pausing. I gasped with the first couple of strokes, and as she kept her rhythm steady, I began moaning... then crying... then screaming with the pain. Finally, with my cunt on fire, she flipped the paddle around, holding the wet end that

Pleasant Dreams

near her bed and found that she could go with out showering, then looked around her room. The floor, and most of the furniture was littered with clothes. Bending down, Amy picked up the panties she had slept in and slipped them on. She then shimmied into a short, straight black skirt. She donned a blue silk bra, then slipped into a sleeveless

A Simple Affair--The VIP Room

going to happen. She squeezed my hand and smiled. "Okay," Tiffany began. "Here are the rules. Anything goes, and I mean anything. I will do whatever you desire, but I'm not into BDSM or water sports. I will only do what you are comfortable with, so you must tell me if we are doing something that you don't want to do. Since I've done this before,

Angels and Guardians Pt. 08

a comfortable lifestyle would be tough. I wouldn’t count on football, either. You could get hurt on the first day of practice, then where would you be?’ ‘I know what I’m doing.’ ‘Bullshit, Joe. You haven’t seen half of what I’ve seen that goes on in the world. You’re 18. You don’t know what you’re doing at all. Yes, the final decision is being

Our Mistress' High School

all his young innocence, just ready to be dominated, controlled and moulded into the system of Our Mistress' High School.As young Colin had defied the two superior ladies so early, Dr Young was feeling merciless. She went about her usual procedure of removing all confidence from the naked youth. The first order was given, "Now boy, both hands on

My Wifes Best Friend

the shower, having sex with each other. So you like lesbianism? Melissa asked. Again, nonchalant. No big deal. But I could tell that her breathing was coming hard, she was as turned on as me. I guess so, yeah. I thought I was a lesbian once. Melissa laughed. I even had a secret girlfriend. All we ever did was hold hands and kiss a little, but I


car. I cut the brakes not really caring about making it look like an accident now. It started raining as I stood in the shadows waiting for them to exit the restaurant. I looked towards the sky, smiling, thinking that God was finally cooperating with me. I stood in the rain for an hour before Marcus and Cynthia walked out of the restaurant. I

Coming of Age

she wanted me to do. I could feel the head of dick nestled between her pussy lips and the male in me made me push. The head slipped in and I could feel her arms wrap around me. I pushed again and I was half way inside of her.She told me “Tommy I will never ever let you go without sex, you can have me forever!” I pushed again and I had all of me


back to the meeting and grabbed some snacks and a drink. "Now we are flying out in two days and your schools have already been told about the trip and you don't need to worry about missing out on your home work as this trip will cover all of that." Mr Waterman told the boys. All the boys cheered as they heard the news and Mr waterman

Crossdressing Nephew and His UNcle

my panties back on,my cock straing to explode,but I know I can't. He ask's ,me if I want any more and I say no,let's go home. Saturday afternoon arrives and he tells me he has a special surprise for me tonight. Around 7:00pm,he tells me to get dressed in whatever outfit I wanted,that we were staying in tonight,but he had a friend coming over. So

The Secrets of Brinkley Ridge

to him, she pulled out a chair and sat directly in front of him. Opening her jacket, she revealed herself to him. Encased in her tight blouse and tight riding jodhpurs, her taut curvaceous body belied her age. “So Scott, you like what you see?” “Erm, Oh God, Yes, yes I do.” “Good, I like what I see, that is a thick hard penis. Did Cally take good

Lost Baggage

Lisa. I found the bag.’ He had slicked himself up—and he cleaned up real well, Lisa thought. He was holding a plum-colored Samsonite bag in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other. He looked sheepily at the bottle of bubbly, following where her eyes had gone. ‘Sorry,’ he said, ‘my New Year’s plans fell through at the last minute, and I

Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 07

her head yes."Well then, here you go!", said Sasha as she handed her surprised coach a french fry. She hesitated for a moment before bringing it to her lips."No no no silly coachy! You forgot about the sauce!"Simons looked at her haplessly before Sasha pointed with a smirk at a spot between the coach's legs. Jessica looked down and saw her

Eric to Erica

there waiting. Putting the razor and towel in to the sink. I pick up the now very cold bowl. Condensation dripping steadily off of it. I place it slowly on his back, dead center. He bucks a little to the cold, his back arching. One drop spills on to his back."You are to stay still you little bitch. You have already dropped some!"I dip my fingers

An Amazing Oral Experience

a bit, toying with me, putting me on edge and then slightly rose up. She held my cock by the base and hovered her mouth almost a foot above as she skillfully let saliva drip from her mouth and fall, covering my cock. She looked directly into my eyes making sure she had my attention. Then with a slight grin she separated her lips and slid her

Under the Table and Between the Sheets

we use to in old times.. It gave cheap thrills..We were making out for a long time soon i could actually feel his boner hitting my pussy.. “Keep the dick in hun, We wont make it for dinner otherwise..” and we both laughed and he kept kissing my mouth, my chin, my cheeks, my neck all the way till my upper chest and his hands were playfully

Full Circle Ch. 04

her hands in front of her B cups to gauge Danna’s size. I smiled and reached over to adjust Lily’s hands until they were roughly the distance from her chest to match Danna’ beautiful D cups. ‘Wow,’ Lily said. ‘Why’d you give that up? Mm!’ I shrugged. ‘I’m sorry. I’ve got tit envy.’ ‘Yeah, well, you haven’t heard the whole story.’ ‘We’re going to

First gay encounter turns into more when his wife shows up

about not obeying, so Im going to give you what you need and make sure that you come when called. She pulled out a cock cage and deftly slipped it onto me and locked it, she held the key up in front of me and dropped it back into her purse. If youre a good slut this weekend, maybe Ill let you out to have a real orgasm. She walked away laughing as

A Rough Night

I will let you cum when I want you too and you will not cum before that understood you fucking whore." You nod your head in agreement and a muffled yes comes from your lips. My free hand lands hard on the side of your face as I slap you again. "What bitch? What the fuck did you say?" I say to you. "Yes, sir" the muffled reply comes. "That’s a

Dr. Joseph’s Office Ch. 04

Eric felt something take a hold of him, like a giant’s hand grasping a tiny porcelain figurine. ‘I expected you to fuck your fiancee first. But you didn’t. So sit down, and zip up your fucking pants.’ Eric felt his concerns fading a bit, as he obeyed Dr. Joseph. They were still present, but now he was feeling a bit more thoughtful. Obviously,

Wetwork Ch. 01

chilly, but not yet cold, Chris guessed it would be another few weeks before winter took over, and the temperature would drop to a frigid level. He walked across the street and entered the starbux, he looked at his watch and realized he was about 15 minutes early. Chris sat at a table watching the door, and wondered how he would act when he saw

A Secret Sub No More

my sub slut, not hers!" he informs me as he finger fucks me. "Yes, Master," I moan. He pushes me forward, removes his fingers and replaces it with his big, rock hard cock. He takes a few slow hard strokes to force himself all the way into my tight pussy, covering my mouth with his hand so that I don't wake up Clare. His speed increases and his

Expanding Friendships

I spent the day at the conference, including lunch, during which we broke up into teams and worked through it. I honestly found it to be very educational and at the end of the day a couple of other guys were heading out for dinner and invited me. I said I would love to, but had to check with a friend who was here with me.Jared was all for heading

Business Conference Bonus part 2

have gigantic tits, but what she did have wouldn’t all fit in my hand. I caressed her breast softly, and could feel the smoothness of her skin under my fingers and the hardness of her nipple against my palm. Her eyes were closed, she was breathing slowly, and she didn’t object as I pulled her blouse out of her skirt, slid it off her arms, and

Springtime In Pennsylvania

perfect for my sunbathing,” Mindy remarked as she scanned the area, turning suddenly to face me and catching me enjoying the captivating shape of those two shapely mounds of flesh that formed her ass. I looked up into her glistening, dark brown eyes and saw a grin on her lips as she stared at me, waiting for my response.“Anytime you want to, come

Ho Before Bros

very few people are boring if they talk about what they really like. Perhaps those who are considered boring just don’t have the strength to lead the conversation where they want it to go? One reason Ho was boring was that people assumed that he, being boring, wanted to talk about boring things. Now Bertil approached him. ‘She seems nice.’ he

Allyson Ch. 05

absolutely no fooling around. Her mom and dad got him in religious classes, they made a good Catholic out of him. Then off he and she went on what they called in those days a blond scholarship. They got married, and he got money for college through the G.I. Bill. While she waited tables and washed and ironed his clothes, he studied. He got

Jocks of the South Pt. 10

He had to stay in his brother’s apartment (which was old and gross), he’d gone without cell reception the entire time, the heat had been excruciating, but worst of all, there were no hot guys for Nick to pounce on. More specifically, there was no Francis. He had only gotten to message him through Facebook a few times when he was at his brother’s

Master! Master! Part 2

the local park. The slamming of car doors was echoing down the street. At every street lamp, we stopped and I taped up a flyer."So why don't you like her?" I asked, making Momo pout."Momo doesn't trust her. She's just waiting for a chance to eat Momo and take Master.""Ah, so you're jealous. You're mad that you're not getting all of Master's

Taming the Tease: Ch 3

Bella’s slender neck. He started squeezing it.Bella was finding it hard to breath, yet she wanted him to choke her tighter as she fucked him. She was fucking him so hard. She couldn't remember the last time she was this turned on.Jon put both hands around her neck and started squeezing tightly. She tried to scream but no words came out. She felt

The Hardest Answer: Lauren & Julia

phone. She quit her video game and whorled around her living room for a moment. A job! A job! And then Lauren stopped. This was the hardest part of getting used to being on her own: there wasn’t anyone to celebrate milestones with her. Even if this one was just a route marker. It didn’t matter, she was going to find some way to celebrate. She


Yes, it drove into her faster. Hopefully, that would mean less time vibrating her clit, and it would be easier for her to hold back. It seem to race into her. It pressed her clit with intense pressure and filled her vagina before racing back out. These faster thrusts heated her insides. She no longer anticipated the press on her clit. But when

Strip Club And Nude Beach Fucking With Kelly

were no private movie booths or glory holes. She spent plenty of time squatting and flashing customers. Most would look away, embarrassed they had been noticed. One guy didn’t turn away and gave her a broad smile as she squatted a few feet away from him. She tugged her dress to her waist and spread her knees wide. Her cunt was on full display.

Forays in erotica

had promised him that she had given herself two enemas and that she was clean. He believed her, no reason not to believe. However. . . My very darling, of course you did. And of course, I'll be giving you another. Think of it as a gift. She had protested, something about please don't or some such about it being humiliating. He cupped her cheek

Journey Ch. 02

herself enough to follow his lead and filled her plate as well. She was ravenous and as they ate he talked about mundane things like the weather, the quality of the fruit they ate, etc. The girl kneeled as his feet silent and unmoving the entire time they ate.When they finished, the girl rose gracefully and cleared their plates and the table

Encounter with an ex

him harder wanting him deeper, she can’t hold on anymore and she digs her nails into his back as she cums once again. Letting herself go around his cock, and he stills just holding himself there as she comes down. “Lay on your front baby,” says Jay. Sonia does as she is asked and rolls over hugging the pillows, laying on her front. “Like this

Incestuous Harem 8: Mom's Soapy Tits

getting hard, big brother.”“I have four sexy women in the shower with me, Princess,” I grinned at her.Alicia, soap suds clinging to her small mounds and half-obscuring her small nipples, reached out and joined Melody's hands. Her touch was delicate compared to Melody's rougher wash. She was aggressive where Alicia was gentle. My dick throbbed. I

Alex and Justin discover their love for each other

He had met most of her friends, but had yet to meet Alex. Alex was two years younger than Justin and had the most beautiful blue eyes anyone had ever seen. She had wavy brown hair and her face was lightly brushed with freckles. The minute Justin saw her, his heart skipped a beat. He couldnt believe how beautiful she was! She didnt seem to notice

Sex In My Classroom

want people to hear. You feel another orgasm approaching, and beg me not to cum until you do, but I don't think I can last much longer. I am trying everything in my power not to finish too quickly, but I can't help it and unload inside you. Your pussy is so wet and hot and tight from behind that I keep fucking you even after I cum, and soon you

Renee Adds to Our Marriage

top over her head to expose her large firm D cup breasts and pulled them both to her mouth and started sucking and licking both her nipples at the same time. This caused Renee to moan and grind her pussy on Lori’s bare mound. Lori rolled Renee over onto her back and very aggressively removed her bottoms to expose the rest of her nakedness. Lori

The Ticket V

went to our room and cleaned up before going out to eat. We walked to the restaurant and had a fine meal. When we emerged from the restaurant Josie noticed the Shamrock station 2 doors down. “Have you got the ticket with you?” I nodded yes. Josie started walking to the station.I pulled out my wallet and removed the ticket, I started to hand it

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 03

liked it…I want more…please, I want you to finger fuck me,’ I plead. ‘Mmmm, that’s better.’ I then feel a second finger and smile, knowing you are going to push them both into me. When I feel them barely entering me, I push back to your hand. You quickly remove your fingers, ‘I didn’t tell you to do that…don’t do it again,’ you say, giving my

Memoirs Of Last Week

into a corner many times! I’d fight my way back to center ring, but I bet I’d get winded doing so. She‘s fast, clever, and intelligent. A ‘deadly’ combination for a guy such as myself. FYI: No, I cannot tolerate boxing. I think it’s stupid. In any event, it’s undeniable she enjoys trying to fluster me. I'm secure enough in my masculinity to

Pete Will and Rose

wearing her usual loose top, but this evening with a bra that pushed her fine breasts up and out, giving her a cleavage that every man, and quite a few women in the pub drooling. Instead of her usual jeans, she was wearing a loose but short skirt. Her legs are fine and tanned – and strong because of the work she puts in at the gym.   Will

A Friday afternoon

your mouth we will stop. If you carry on sucking me we will take it that you want to carry on” I tell you.With that you suck my cock harder and deeper. We take that as a yes and Terry carries on tonguing your pussy. You soon have hands and mouths all over your body. Knowing what is about to come really excites you. Steve unties you and gets

Precious Angel

turned and looked at Heidi. “Yes, I’m still upset about that whole friendship mess. Thanks for saying her name instead of referring to her as she.” Alexis glanced at Sandi. Sandi cleared her throat and started telling Heidi and Alexis about her new boyfriend. Alexis was only half listening because she could not shake the feeling. She took another

A Slackers Tale Ch. 05

His knees were sore but he was luckily kneeling at the edge of a rug that gave some comfort. Pia was smiling, staring at his prick, which to Ricks amazement was semi hard again! He had not recovered so quickly since his twenties and he was taken aback at the sight. "Its just that..." he heard himself stumbling over how to ask, how to find out..

Anna Gives Me The Finger

quickly. Warmer weather turns into less clothing, a definite plus when checking out the sexy young ladies. Living outside a college town, there are always young beauties to check out. Little did I realize one such beauty was right under my nose, Anna. Anna grew up next door to my country house, her and her mother. With no father in the picture,